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Flower Arranging Made Beautiful

with our Signature Copper Charm.

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Made of 100% Copper

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Introducing The Copper Charm

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how does the copper work?

Natural Antimicrobial Properties

From the ancient Egyptians to the Romans and beyond, copper has been used for everything from water storage to medicines for thousands of years.

Keep Your Vase Water Clear

Traditional flower "foods" can leave water looking cloudy and murky - quite a distraction from your beautiful blooms.  Using the Copper Charm instead will keep the vase water clean and clear.

Reuse It Again and Again!

The Copper Charm is designed to keep and reuse, making it cost-effective, sustainable, and perfect for a lasting gift!

"Keeping my flowers looking fresh!

The precious petal hearts were quite amazing. They kept my flowers fresh without any wilting or dying off for 2 weeks. I highly recommend this product." - Lisa M.

"Clear clean water...

This really worked. The water stayed clear and fresh. Even after the flowers were finished blooming, the stems weren't slimy at all." - Michael M.

"Love the copper heart!!

I will buy one for myself. My friend indicated that she changed the water in her bouquet and put the copper heart in the water and her flowers perked up and lasted much longer. What a clever item." - MWP

"It's all in the details!

This little charm is, well, charming. :) It's just gone into the vase, so time will tell regarding keeping the flowers fresh, but it's a lovely small detail to the arrangement. It's fun to have surprises for people to discover. And good to have one more thing in the bag of tricks for keeping bouquets longer." - C.S.

Ready for the Leading Edge of Plant-Life Possibility?

At Precious Petal Company we encourage you to think differently about how to care for your flower arrangements and indoor plants.  A little thoughtful care and attention can go a long way!

We offer unique products that will keep your flowers and plants looking gorgeous and living their healthiest lives.  Available now is our innovative, one-of-a-kind flower food alternative Copper Charm.  More to come soon!

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