The Bridal Shower Party Favor Your Guests Will Never Forget

Simplify Your Party Planning While Giving Your Guests a Gift They Will Cherish

While bridal showers are all about showering the bride with love and gifts, they are hardly that simple to plan!  Whether you have 5 guests or 50, there is a lot to be considered for the guest of honor and her guests. Between the food, decor, games/activities, and party favors, our best advice is to take any opportunity you can find to make things easier to plan - and one of our favorite ways to do this is with a Take Home Bouquet!

Flower arrangement

How It Works

You will need to gather supplies before the event, but essentially your guests will do the rest!  This activity centers around each guest creating their own flower arrangement during the shower.  At the end of the shower, they will take their flowers home with them as a lovely party favor.

This brilliant idea does double duty - resulting in an enjoyable, easy activity and a thoughtful parting gift at the same time!

Our favorite addition to make this activity even more unique is to include a Copper Charm for each guest to use in their arrangement.  Our Precious Petal Co. hearts can be used again and again and will be an adorable reminder to your guests of the beautiful shower you planned for years to come!

buckets of flowers


  1. Enough flowers and greenery for each guest to make a small arrangement. Have the flowers trimmed and set aside in water-filled buckets
  2. Flower arranging tools such as floral shears, tea towels (to clean up any excess water), wire grids or taperibbon , and aprons for the guests to share
  3. One glass vase per guest 
  4. One Precious Petal Co. Copper Charm per guest
  5. A bucket or box for guests to toss flower stems and scraps
floral shears satin ribbon washi tape

Tips For a Seamless Flower Arranging Party Activity

  • Order your flower arranging tools and Copper Charms 2-3 weeks prior to the event. 
  • Scout out the flowers you'll want to include about a week prior to the shower; ask the florist or shop owner if you can expect them to be available on the day you need them.  Some shops will let you pay in advance to guarantee availability!
  • Pick up your flowers the morning of the event to ensure optimal freshness
  • Strip off the bulk of the excess leaves from the flower and greenery stems and place in buckets of water immediately
  • Create an example arrangement to give inspiration to your guests (and give this as a parting gift to the bride at the end of the shower!)
  • Designate a work table that is away from food and gifts and gives enough space for a few guests to work on their arrangements at one time
  • Before the flower arranging begins, the flower buckets can be used as extra decor around the shower, then when guests are ready to arrange, gather them together at the designated work table
  • Have the vases filled about 2/3 with water to make for easier arranging and minimize time that flowers are out of water


Your guests are guaranteed to have fun arranging their own flowers and will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gift of being able to take them home! If you've tried this idea and have any more ideas to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Don't forget to take photos of your arrangements and share them with us on Instagram or Facebook.  Tag us in your photos @preciouspetalco so we can share!


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