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Southern Living, Apartment Therapy, and Readers’ Digest all agree, copper is a smart way to keep flowers alive.

When it comes to keeping cut flowers looking fresh, the aim of all home remedies are to keep bacteria, yeasts, and fungi from growing in the water. Where does the copper come in?  It helps keep flowers alive because it naturally kills off bacteria and fungi that are living in your vase water.

We’re taking the old wives' tale to drop a copper penny in your vase to a new level by introducing our 100% copper charms, thicker and heavier than an old penny, and better looking, too.  They are reusable, eco-friendly, and come in a cloth bag for safe-keeping between uses.

It is the copper metal itself that will kill bacteria, which is why we made sure that our charms are made of PURE copper. Any penny made AFTER 1982 is made with mostly zinc and contains less than 3% copper. There are many products that are copper colored, but aren’t actually made of copper.

Use one charm for small and medium vases and two charms for larger vases.

Buy yours today, and if you don’t absolutely love giving your flowers a little extra tender loving care with a Precious Petal Co. Copper Charm, we will honor our money back guarantee, no questions asked. And don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews.

Buy More and Save: Pack of 2, Save 5% // Pack of 5, Save 10% // Pack of 10, Save 20% (reflected in listed price).


Receive a FREE copy of our eBook "The Simple Guide To Recycling Flowers" with your purchase!

FREE U.S. SHIPPING When You Purchase 3 or More Charms (reflected at check out).

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